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Ow - my head hurts - but that's actually due to sunburn rather than over-indulgence. Spent most of Saturday reading waiting for quondam to jump from a plane - but the story's on her LJ if you're that bothered...

Yesterday I did more work on my set for tomorrow (go me!) and played Ars. The latter was a bit odd as its been a while since we've played the game and I had a lot of trouble finding the character again. However as the next session is quite soon I should be back on form for then. Tim remarked on how all my tabletop characters are irritating troublemakers, which considered with sixtine and her assertions that all my LRP characters will sell their mothers to get what they want, leaves me a little depressed...

Which was then improved (not) by a couple of late night ICQ conversations, at least one of which involved me putting my size 10s in it. Joy. Deep Joy.
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