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One of this afternoon's little jobs was to support the general organisational panic due to the unexpectedly sudden impending arrival of consultants in sharp suits to finish our review at the-place-that-shall-not-be-named.

This took me to the marvellously named www.quango.gov.uk, where I can see all sorts of interesting statistics on TPTSNBN - including out expenditure and most interestingly our Chief Exec's salary. Now, I've got limited time for this man, and excepting that he managed to reduce me to tears in his office which is obviously going to cloud my judgement, I don't think he's worth £120,000 a year...

Still, if you too are bored - have a look at http://www.quango.gov.uk/2001/Public%20Bodies%20final.pdf - TPTSNBN is the first DfES quango which is Page 36 of the PDF (numbered page 25 on screen).

Mind you there are some amusing other quangos like the "Apple and Pear Research Council" (www.theaprc.org apparently)

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