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Less than happy

In the tradition of other people I know, I'm currently less than happy.

Work is very dull, and today I get to drive a van around Oxford schools (woo!) - my exciting life eh!

Yesterday I spent some very depressing time modelling the cost of the two car accidents I've had in the last year. No settlement has been reached in either case which is bothering me a great deal, though I did amuse myself a little with the amount of money the other parties are claiming I did to them in damage (£600 and £800). As far as I can work out, with either paying for repairs or through losing my No Claims bonus I'm going to be out of pocket between £1400 and £2800 - assuming that the "best" I get is 50-50 on the accidents.

This winds my up especially because I've offered to settle 50-50 in both cases in order to get resolution - and I'm abolutely convinced I'm being generous with one of them.

Oh well, roll on resolution, and if it gets really exciting - court.

But what really annoys me is the time this is all taking. It's been months - and still I just have worry, no control over the situation and increasing anger when I deal with my insurance company.

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