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A long time ago...

Friday - Made mistake of cycling over to the lovely Rob & Cams in order to get a lift to Oxford. I do not fear rain - I have a waterproof jacket.

It took until lunchtime for my trousers to dry out.

Then to Royston Vasey - and out for an Italian. Nice restaurant, good food, at least 3 vegetarian choices on the menu (Pizza, Pizza or Pizza sir?) and the deep fried Brie was even mostly cooked (unlike the last one I ordered elsewhere whcih was still frozen in the middle). Huge dessert, and then back to the house. I got rather annoyed with Bowling for Columbine when John put that on - not because it's bad - but because the bias is a little too sickly even for me - so used it as an excuse to go home. However I won't repeat the rant I made when I saw it at the cinema cos that's elsewhere in my LJ.

Yesterday I became an honorary woman and went shopping. I managed to spend £60 on books, £60 on sports wear (ok - a running bottle, bag and sunglasses) and avoided spending money on Snowblades/Ski Boards. This was partly because they didn't have the ones I wanted, partly because I got offered them as a present and partly because I was more interested in talking the shop owner into letting me front a bid to redesign his website...

Then to Waitrose - chosen supermarket of the middle classes - where unless you drive a Volvo you aren't allowed to use the Customer Car Park. This had all manner of amusing foods, including an entire shelf of bits of snail in different states of decomposure, but most amusing of all was finding the Japanese food section - I pointed out a sushi mat, and when asked "What's that?" replied with the obvious "It's a joint rolling mat" - some shaven-headed young man who had clearly avoided security on his way in piped up "Nah - it's no good for that - I tried" from behind us. Needless to say I tipped the wink to the store staff and he was whisked away from infecting the other shoppers with his Guardian-reader liberalism.

And today? Help grendelchild unpack his stuff, meet his new girlfriend, and perhaps even tidy the house...
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