Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Lyric Quiz

Stolen idea from sushidog - who I've never met but always writes an interesting journal and has a cool name...

So, guess the artist and track - no sneaky use of the net please - most should be pretty easy mind...

Poll #162484 Lyrics

Awake aware alone

gotta listen to your big time hard line bad luck fist f*ck

Put your face to the ground here come the marching men

Surrender to the wisdom of age and the spirits of time

Your mouth, so hot, Your web, I'm caught, Your skin, so wet

Don't touch me please, I cannot stand the way you tease

Music that triggers some kind of response

I am thirty, male, common white trash, standing in line, with my pockets full of cash

If they come to ethnically cleanse me, will you speak out? Will you defend me?

He¹s the same old theme since 1916

I have to turn my head until my darkness goes

Goodbye to the summer, Sold down the river

When you lose control and you got no soul

I've been knocked down, It's a crazy town

When i'm not with you I lose my mind


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