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After having a lovely 4-ish mile run with boglin earlier, I'm going to indulge in some Ice Cream. But first, for the four or five people who care, the answers to the lyric quiz.
  1. The winner was pax_draconis with 11 points out of 15, but that included half a mark for "Isn't this something bad, metal and 80's?" for Alice Cooper

  2. No one got Anastacia (not surprising to me)

  3. Next least well known was Chumbawamba as no-one got it totally right. barrettyman got the group right - but possiblly because it was in my car CD player a lot when I drove him to work

  4. Most well known was Tainted Love, followed by Poison

Other scores were:
  1. lupercal - 10.5

  2. ghatanothoa - 9.5

  3. jessie_pup - 7.5

  4. kmfdmchik - 7

  5. barrettyman - 6

  6. boglin - 5.5

  7. uberredfraggle - 3.5

  8. =ant_girl - 3

  9. =ikkleblacktruck - 3

  10. =venta - 3

  11. pauln - 2

  1. Awake aware alone - Assemblage 23: Naked

  2. gotta listen to your big time hard line bad luck fist f*ck - NIN: Wish

  3. Put your face to the ground here come the marching men - Sisters of Mercy: Colours

  4. Surrender to the wisdom of age and the spirits of time - Mission: Deliverance

  5. Your mouth, so hot, Your web, I'm caught, Your skin, so wet - Alice Cooper: Poison

  6. Don't touch me please, I cannot stand the way you tease - Gloria Jones/Soft Cell/Marilyn Manson/Skinny Puppy/etc.: Tainted Love

  7. Music that triggers some kind of respone - Chemical Brothers: Music:Response

  8. I am thirty, male, common white trash, standing in line, with my pockets full of cash - KMFDM: Money

  9. If they come to ethnically cleanse me, will you speak out? Will you defend me? - PWEI: Ich Bin Ein Auslander

  10. He¹s the same old theme since 1916 - Cranberries: Zombie

  11. I have to turn my head until my darkness goes - Rolling Stones/Gob/etc.: Paint it Black

  12. Goodbye to the summer, Sold down the river - Chumbawamba: Amnesia

  13. [Edited To give ghatanothoa another half a point]
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