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Another weekend of rushing around over. While it's nice to be busy sometimes I think I'd like to pause for breath...

Friday was assembling LARPers, Saturday was Reenactors Market and Omega party, Sunday recovering from Omega party and after-effects of recieving 32 bumps (4+28 - I'm not 32!) after drinking probably half a bottle of Archers.

Saturday was slightly ruined by someone going into the front of my car, which will be the subject of the following

I was driving along, to collect Guy for the Reenactors Market, and turned right into his cul-de-sac. Now, its not the widest road in the world, and there were cars parked opposite on the road (about 8' from the junction) completely on the road, and another on the near side about 10' from the junction, half way up the kerb.

Ok - scene set - I turned in, pointing roughly to the middle of the gap to get through the parked cars, and I see a Fiat Panda bearing down on me. I brake - pretty easy as I'm in 2nd gear going at about 10mph and stop. I look at the Panda and I see the side of the driver's head as she's leaning down to look at something on her passenger seat. I stare in shock. She looks up. Brakes (Guy who was standing some 30' away hears her brakes) and promptly slams into my front.

She gets out "You were on the wrong side of the road". "I was stationary" I say. We swap address details and off I go. On proper examination I find its done about 2.5' by 1' of dent to my bonnet, and her car was basically untouched (big bumpers on a Panda).

Later on, when dropping Guy back I pop around (5 doors to the left) and ask her for her insurance details when she has a chance, she agrees, but reiterates her "defence" of my road positioning. I get home. She phones me up - gives me her details, and tells me (as if I need to know!) that her partner has come home and he's very unhappy I went to their house. Ok say I, whatever. She also says she's going to have her car checked out - perhaps trying to scare me about continuing. "Very Sensible" I say smiling down the phone at her.

Now to see if the insurance system can work in the favour of me (stationary & looking forward) or her (not looking at the road and moving forwards at ~20mph...

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