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At the moment I'm feeling a bit guilty. It's not because of the amount of work I did yesterday (fuck all) or the amount I've done today (fuck all), or even just so I can write an introspective entry which will fit into the "Eh?" rather than the "Watching Paint Dry" category of LJ entries.

Rather its because of my gob. Bad gob! Stay quiet! Some people are worthy targets and even though as on last Friday night I've been trying precision guided rather than tactical wit I worry I made an error of judgement in not knowing when to stop.

But will I change? Probably not. Can I change? Probably not. But I can run 5 miles then kick ass in Counter-Strike (might be a slight exaggeration).

Bah! Enough introspective rubbish. I almost fell asleep a number of times on the motorway this morning and then discovered the bloody meeting I was coming in for had already been cancelled without anyone telling me. I think I'm going to have an afternoon nap later and hope I can stay awake later.

Anyone else out there want to play Counter-Strike/Day of Defeat on a Monday night with various LARPers/Brummies/others?

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