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More about me!

Rules? If you want rules look a couple of posts back...

From pax_draconis

Where do you go from here?

Here? I carry on playing the game. The game never ends.

Actually over the next couple of weeks I find out I'm moving offices, I decide whether I'm going to quit my job, I get asked some LRP-related questions which can be best summed up as Catch-22 and I realise what a stupid hobby running is. Well, at least two of those are likely to happen.

Beyond that I don't know. I'm becalmed. Where did I put those electrodes...

When you discover yourself to be genuinely liked by someone, do you have difficulty accepting it at face value?

Do I need to answer this? Of course. (Thats an answer to my question and yours). I used to think that I trusted people a lot, very easily - and that's partly true. It doesn't take me long to be willing to do anything for a person. However, I don't think I ever quite believe that they trust/like/would do things for me in the same way. It's not a competition - or even something I worry about a lot. But I do sometimes.

I'm think I'm just too cynical for it all, and I keep putting my foot in my mouth, and more than that I don't always like the image I feel I'm projecting.

If you had to choose between tech and LRP, which would go first?

They kinda perform the same function at heart - they are about people. LRP is a way of meeting people and it brings a community and context, tech has a primary application to sustain that when people are not physically connected.

I'd love to say LRP, but I think the truth of the answer would be tech. Stop this world I want to get off...

I've danced around the idea of giving up LRP before - but I couldn't then. God knows what I'd do for a living then mind...

How great a part in your day-to-day life does pride play?

Some - I use it as an excuse to act up when I don't agree with what I've been asked to do - and where pride=professional integrity then it causes me huge amounts of problems. For example all my job issues now are caused by pride - it was part of the reason I left the last one, and if I didn't have it I'd have no problem sitting out this contract, taking the money, etc.

I don't often take pride in my apppearance. I'm just too lazy. Of course at the moment it's too hot too!

What's your single worst incidence of "corpsing" (being unable to keep a straight face at an inopportune moment)?

I can give you four in descending order of bad, worst last:
  1. Every time it happens at NWO

  2. Playing the "Heroes of the Revolution" rizla game at barrettyman's ultra-serious Russian game.

  3. At the first Crooked Eye when my corpse had a moment

  4. Last Sunday morning when Ziusdra went "I'm going back with Kyle... I mean Mithras". It would have been wonderful if it had been an IC slip - and in years to come I might even claim it was - but it wasn't. At that point I lost structural integrity.
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