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More questions from boglin, from sixtine and from lupercal

From boglin

Name three things - which can be either positive or negative - that are important or preoccupy you in your life right now.
Work, which can be both positive and negative; Doing something - not sure what yet; and this poor lumpy rat who just slid off me.

What was the first record you ever bought?

Shakespear's Sister - Stay. I had to stay and listen to it last night at Intrusion - even if lupercal was especially bitchy as a result of it. (The record that is, not me).

Has there ever been a time when you thought your life was in danger?

Yes - the most recent was on the back of a snowmobile with quondam at the controls. As I said at the time she clearly had no idea that you needed to have had practice to keep up with a professional snowmobiler at high speeds, especially when you're on a heavy two person machine and he's built for speed...

It was great mind!

It's New Year's Eve 2003. What's your reolution?

Produce something, and maybe not be shy about saying "I did this" rather than my usual ridiculous attempts to hide behind the scenes and avoid standing up and being counted.

You wake up one morning and you're famous. What would you like to be famous for?

Having delivered something concrete based on my imagination. When I close my eyes I can see many things - I just can't deliver on them. When I do the world won't know what hit it.

From sixtine

Do you feel as stroppy with me as I do with you sometimes?

No. I'm pretty sure you've never actually got me feeling stroppy. I've been frustrated sometimes - but most of the time you have been (to me) the public focus rather than the cause.

Do you still think we are alike?

Kinda. There are still some things I definitely think we have in common. You're far more trustworthy are reliable in my eyes than I am. My sense of humour is crasser than yours, but your appreciation of sarcasm is aspirational.

What do you want most in the world, other than techy boy-toys?

I don't especially - and I think thats why I'm a bit listless at the moment.

Do you think you'll ever have kids?

I think it's entirely possible that I'll adopt kids - I don't have any biological urge to procreate - any urges I have drifting at the edge of my vision are sociological.

Was your relationship-arrangement something you had to learn to live with and be happy with or was it mutually promoted?

A bit of both really. It's not something I especially ever considered, and when it happened it was like slipping on a old pair of comfy slippers - so in one sense it wasn't something I promoted, but it equally wasn't something I had to learn to live with. I didn't think beforehand about "how relationships should work" - to some degree I'd been educated in the way of the nuclear family by the rest of society but that was assumed rather than accepted.

From lupercal

What was your favorite part of Omega that you wrote?

I don't think it ever especially worked like that. In fact the bit of Omega I can look at and go "I started that" was one of my least favourite bits come the end. I love the way the towers (kinda) worked, I have a real soft spot for the beasties - and can see some of my ideas in the Summitdale/Meganwe plotlines. but there's nothing which goes "There - that blue bit over there - that's Simon's!".

I have some kind of comfort in watching some of the aspects I didn't like not working and being quite weak compared to the rest.

I can clearly remember my real Omega "high" - which apart from the Saturday night at the last event, was a very small moment with a handful of players and NPCs and a giant minotaur head at the Summitdale event. It was a wonderful, in character, introspective experience. Quite beautiful.

Why do most marriages fail?

Two reasons - people failing to be honest with themselves and each other; and people getting married for the wrong reasons. Society's morals, as dictated by the tabloid press, have a lot to answer for.

Why do I feel I have known you much longer than 8 months?

I've never eated the same meal out as often as I do with you. We're clearly linked in some ways. Who has the looks and who has the brains I'm don't want to think about mind :-)

Would you ever consider passing on your genetic material to a child you would not know or have a relationship with? Elaborate.

Yes - as long as the CSA didn't try and do me for it. Actually the only weakness in this argument for me to do something with a little bit of biology is my super-weakness - I'd be intrigued as to what they did. I don't think I'd want to interfere - but I'd want to know the content of their life's plot document.

Will you let me do your hair for Whitby?

Damn straight. We're going to have a right little pampering palace at this rate...

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