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Aaaargh, Jim Lad!

I won't go through it in excrutiating detail, but really it was a film of people wanting to be other people. Good fun though, and the sfx were superb - esp the pirates in the moonlight.

Go see it. Then don't go to the Gathering and play one.

Johnny Depp = Tommy Cooper
Geoffrey Rush = Tim Curry
Orlando Bloom = Jason Connery wanting to be Errol Flynn

Dear Orlando - he looks cute in a blonde wig and pointy ears - but really - he can't act. Romantic subplots are bad enough, but romantic sub-plots when one of the parties has the acting skills of Jason Connery and the other had her finest moment playing a stand-in Queen Amidala are less than ideal..

Questions from dreamfire below...

you work in education. how important is the idea of changing the world in why you do your job?

I have to feel I'm making a little bit of a difference in order to get out of bed in the morning. This doesn't mean it has to be in a big way - but I have quite a bit of work-related pride. In turn I expect to be taken seriously - which encourages me to border on arrogance - much to my chagrin at times - especially when it makes me slip into the pit of despair.

I'm sure there are lots of other jobs I could do which would give me some kind of self-esteem - but I'm not sure that could be in a purely commercial, sales-type environment.

I also like the moral high ground.

has "naughtywhitecat" been a successful experiment?

Yes - but not just directly. It encouraged me to write a few pieces which have been very cathartic. I've certainly excised some demons - through naughtywhitecat, and through the odd post in my own journal. On a couple of occasions it has kept me sane.

Also by the stuff I haven't posted through that journal I've realised I might not be quite the bastard I think I might be - and I have limits :-)

are adrenaline thrills the right answer?

I think they help - I need to feel alive. quondam told me the other day what she told Matt I do - and I looked at that and thought - how sad. I need to live - and adrenaline is part of that. I needn't jump out of a fast-moving car to get them though - I enjoyed yesterday and nice fast bike ride down a major road for example - the wind in my hair etc.

what makes a good story?

It depends what I'm after - in a lot of cases it's the whole rather than any individual aspect. Sometimes I'm in the mood for something that I need to pay attention to, really think about - other times I want mindless entertainment.

A good story is one which inspires some emotion in me - some interest and desire to know more. I need my attention grabbing, being stuffed through the ringer, being ripped up, burnt, the ashes scraped then sewn back together with my own hair...

That might be a little exaggerated...

Do you consider yourself to be manipulative?

Yes. I also think a lot of the time I'm quite good at it, I'm equally not sure I'm ashamed of it.

This topic always reminds me of a million conversations with Guy - who during his period of unemployment always used to moan at me for having a high-powered job and getting involved in office politics to move on and up. I always came away feeling slightly dirty after these conversations - but I'm a bit less emotional about it now - it's kinda the way I am - I should celebrate or at least recognise it with being embarrassed.

From jimfer
You asked me who I am. Who do you *think* I am?

I don't think I know you. When I first "met" you on the 'dome all those years back you struck me as a young, enthusiastic LT-obsessed tw*t. Obviously at that point I was a slightly-older LT-obsessed tw*t. Matt and yapman assured me you were worth the time of day so we went from there.

You've always struck me as quite a smart chap, but sometimes with levels of common sense approaching my own lowest-common denominator. I'm quite jealous of the happy-go-lucky attitude you project.

We'll see how much longer you can avoid the "real world" and what that turns you into.

At times you can come across as quite ascerbic. Is that a defence? Why?

It is a defence - as pax_draconis has explored I fell I'm quite shy and have moments of low-self-opinion. One of the things I seem to be good at is dark humour. So I play to my strengths.There's very few people I actually wish to offend - the majority should be flattered. That's my excuse anyway.

I don't think it's about trying subconciously to push people away.

How old is your soul?

I think it's quite old - but at the same time it is not something I've widely explored. Maybe someone else can tell me?

Nobilis. What are you the Power of? What is your allegiance?

Easy one - again thanks to pax_draconis - Schadenfreude. Note - this is based not on his answers - but his description of me in an earlier post...

If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Why?

I'd kinda like to be a politician - at least I like the idea of being able to influence things for the better on that kind of scale. Either that or head of MI6 - but I think Dame Judi is doing a better job at the moment. That would be to try and work out my super-weakness.

On a more practical level I'd like to go back to Becta, where I previously worked, but be in more of a position to make a difference, and have some impact on the strategy and direction of an organisation whos work I love, but management I can't stand.

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