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Last Night - wow!

It was a real shame that a couple of people didn't make it to Eddies - ephraim who was marooned afaik, and Rob who sensibly went home after the bar and dreamfire who was cursed by work. It was such a lovely bunch of people, and there was just lots of fun - so much so it probably was illegal.

All this running seems to be paying off - though I'm not looking forward to 7 miles tomorrow - but at least I didn't run out of stamina once on the dance floor.

I think I'd better stop gushing now, but it reminded me how good it is to be part of such a cool group of people. So - to get this right - "Dave Pearce Dance Anthems Big Shouts Out to...." agentinfinity (who I will actually speak to at some point) lupercal, uberredfraggle, fishthecat, pax_draconis, nyarbaggytep, quondam, Phil, Smitt, jimfer, Honest, mrcook, Tim (nice to finally meet you!) and congrats to thepurplegoth on a "good" interview even if she doesn't want the place in the end.

Oh - and I didn't request Electronaut - I would have mind but I was pre-empted.

So, the question is - can Bradford next weekend match it?

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