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Final attempt

I'm very tired - bed shortly. Super weekend. Got v.pished last night - to the point where sixtine got to look down condescendingly :-) I looked "damaged to the point of near extinction". I shall take survival as a victory condition then.

Saw Pirates again today, avoided being sick. My opponents last night included Sake, Tia Maria, White Wine and Malibu. I was win!

Now - the questions before early night..

From maddave

Forgive and forget or fester and plot revenge?

Depends on who. If your're on one list then you get loads of scope to mess up and I'll forgive you anything. If you're on the other one then watch your brake cables.

Why do you feel the need to laugh at the expense of others? (Rich from me I know)

In most cases, at least in my head, I'm not laughing at people but rather at their behaviour when it's interesting an amusing. It's not the cast that are funny - it's the situation.

Plus I think most of the big egos I know can really do with the occasional puncture to allow them to fit through normal size doorways.

Are you ever aware of how easy it is to offend certain lodgers of yours and do you care?

I'm not - I really like Ady - he's a bit hopeless, but I don't want to be his mother and I hope he's happy. I hope that if he has issues then he'd talk about them. If you're talking about other lodgers they should know by now...

Would anything ever make you go back to the LT?

I'd be tempted by the "stunts" that people have done, but I have an objection to giving any of my hard-earnt to AK. I don't really think it's me - but never say never. I could never go back to "play" seriously, and I have zero respect for the organisation.

Eighteen months down the line were would you like to see yourself?

I'm having enough trouble seeing next week at the moment. I hope I'm not in the rut I'm on the edge of at the moment, but there are lot of things I want to keep that I have now. I've had a fantastic weekends with people I would class as friends - who I didn't have 12-18 months ago. I want to keep them. I want to be happy relaxing and letting increasingly more of "me" out. I want to have balanced home, work and LRP.

I also want a new garage...

Sod world peace...

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