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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
Another day, another small victory (?) in being the one to unset the alarm at work. Still I feel sorry for Tim who has the pleasure of a lift with me but doesn't have the key to his building - and its a cold day too...

The big news (well hardly huge but "professionally relevant") is the departure of Estelle Morris from DfES. On the BBC she's described as a "Lamb amongst Jackals" which is probably going a bit too far, but she obviously needs longer nails to dig into the ground when hassled by Conservative spokesmen who are opposed to her for the sake of it. Not that Labour were any different when they were in charge...

Obviously the one person who's reading this will understand the NRE I've got with my LiveJournal. I'm sure we'll be close, spend a lot of time with each other to start with. Then the exciting dates will turn into evenings in front of the TV. Eventually we'll stop talking, get married, a mortgage, then slip into mediocrity. Maybe even start voting Tory...

The really big news of the morning was that Tescos had no doughnuts - so the team meeting (my chance to bribe everyone with sweeties) will have to be fuelled by Jaffa Cakes instead. Not quite the same.

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Current Music: Linkin Park - With You

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boglin From: boglin Date: October 24th, 2002 12:20 am (UTC) (Link)
Estelle Morris? Gone??? Heh - the messenger brings good news this morning...

I'm not sure you worries about LJ are founded. After all - here you're looking at a very low maintanance relationship. You can just use it whenever you want to, the go days without bothering to pick up the URL. It lets you enjoy voyeristic pursuits with your friends. You can boast to it, complain to it, really kick off - and it will always be there for you. And hey - you can even go post to a Blogger account behind its back...
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