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Moves are afoot...

As expected it looks like over the next couple of months my office will be moving - from the current location basically on the M40 to a delightful (not!) location right in the centre of Oxford.

This will bring a number of trials and tribulations - not least of which how I decide to get to work The obvious thing to do will be to get the train down from Birmingham - probably about 2 hours door to door (1:15 now - but driving into Oxford will probably add an additional 15-20 minimum) but time should be more usefully spent working or reading rather than trying to avoid HGVs.

Problems will start around car parking - there won't be any - so the days of "Sure, I'll come and visit - give me 30 minutes" will turn into "Sure, I'll come and visit - give me 20 minutes to get back to the car, then 40 minutes to get to you". Efficiency eh!

Ignoring the fact that working near an HMV/Waterstones/... will cost me a bloody fortune...
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