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Rar! Infest!

Wow - what a fantastic weekend. Things started badly when lupercal phoned me Sat AM announcing he had a flat car battery in Kings Heath High Street - but within relatively short order we were off to Bradford for a weekend at Infest!

Rather than go into excrutiating detail it was great fun - fantastic hospitality and bomberman from littleonions and ghatanothoa plus Raven and lovely dog; nice to meet jacoby_swift and githnaur (with whom I did tequila/Red Bull slammers on behalf of lupercal); Ethan and Liz plus some other brummies; old friend from uni Claire who has since decamped to the middle of nowhere apparently; brief moments with fuzzygoth (who was unsurprisingly pished) and _mrx_; sightings across the dance floor of some lahndaners including miss_soap et al.

The live music was a little bit mixed - didn't see all the bands but full credit to VNV Nation for the ability to make a career (and a room full of cyber/goths dance) based on about two tracks with slightly different lyrics. Market was a bit mixed and uninspiring, but the individual elements don't detract from pleasant company and goings on!

And remember kids - it's not cheesey - it's ironical.

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