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Three Peaks Challenge

Right, I've had just about enough of moping, and have decided to eat some lunch and make an unrealistic commitment, but to make it in public, get some support and as a result hope to embarrass myself into actually going through with it.

Ok - here goes...

Next year, I'd like to do the Three Peaks Challenge, and I'd love some of you fine LJ people to come with me. According to "da Interweb" it's best attempted between July and September (due to bad weather at Ben Nevis) so I guess we're looking at next summer.

And look - an 8 year old girl can do it - surely a group of strapping goths and larpers can do it!! No excuses. If you can't walk - be part of the support crew.

So - commit now!!!!

**EDIT** An amusing tale which could probably be subtitled "Three Academics go up the Mountain" doing the 40km Yorkshire Three Peaks can be found here
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