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Oh Journal - I still love thee...

I've got to be careful know - having purchased my first MMORPG I must make time for all the IT in my life.

Anyway - the week that was. Mostly I've been away from home - a conference in London for 3 days (dull - but time to do some photoshopping), then Oxford (bad rawk bands ahoy!). Brief stop in Birmingham on Friday night (Compulsion - ok but didn't really get going for me) and then on Saturday a lovely drive to see jfs and the loose mob in Ilford. Jolly good fun, spoke to delvy about playing a character at his game which isn't an investigator or a murderous thug, and endless amusement from laughing at London drivers. The M1 was less than amusing on the way home, as it was closed at one point which resulted in a huge tailback. At least it woke me up from a vaguely-caffeined filled stupor.

So, after the brevity of that I'll go on for a bit about my morning - at the Great Midlands Fun Run. If you asked me at 00:30am this morning if was upferrit I'd have been less than complimentary, but spurred on by boglin's drunken encouragement (at least that's what I took it for) last night I managed to get up, find my race number close to where I remembered leaving it (after turning the room upstairs upside down - though I did find my Laibach tickets), and get to the delightful suburb which is Sutton Coldfield.

Then, to cut a long story short, I managed the 8.5 miles, with only a little walk on the wonderfully named Cardiac Hill, then to finish in about 01:12:57. Chuffed? Yes. Able to walk? Just about.

Photoshopped goodies below:

Now, back to EVE...

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