Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

This morning's pointless meme

I also assume these were meant to be out of 10

6/7 - I'm reasonably happy.

General Confidence
8 - Varies totally based on day, place mood and what I'm wearing.

Confidence with the opposite sex
5 - I have my moments - but most of the time gibber.

9 - I'm an arrogant soab.

Common Sense
6 - I used to think about 2 - but wider contact with the human race has changed my opinion.

8 - I try not to be too bad.

1 or 10 - To my friends I'm a 10. To others I'm 1. Getting to be a friend is quite easy mind.

Physical Fitness
7 - I saw the number of people who ran the race the other day quicker than me.

1 or 10 - depends who you are and how much I care.

4 - I can and do burn rice, and fail to make porridge. But I like doing it and enjoy mixing and matching foods which normally works.

Sense Of Humour
1 or 10 - 1 when sober, 10 when drunk (apparently...)

2 - Not of any interest to me, but I think I can remember how to shoot balls of Chi at my foes.

Musical Ability
0 - I listen to odd German music with no concept of what they are saying, I have no sense of rhythm etc.

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