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Go me! (Kinda)

So, the weekend - which has just been topped off by an amount of pizza which thanks to the 10 mile run I've just done (it's a personal best ok!) I have no guilt for.

Yesterday was obviously the wedding of the year. Couple of photos behind the cut. Was a jolly jape, but refer to quondam and sixtine for the full goss as I got a little bit pished.

Matt getting into the spirit of the day.

He's not with me

What a frock!

Steady now!

Getting to the wedding was a bit mad, but we decided to completely avoid the M6 (very sensible), but 15 minutes before Mr and Mrs yapman were due to arrive I was still leggiing it up the A441 on the 5 mile run I'd been putting off since Thursday.

Friday was ok - night at at what is apparently the last Friday-Goth-Night-Current-Incarnation-At-Edwards. Nice to chat (for the first time really) to Lex, and to dance to Electronaut with pax_draconis. Rut? Me? Promised myself some nights out in Nottingham with Guy at some stage to inject a bit of variety.

Friday was also "very important meeting" at work, about basically what is or isn't my job. It went ok - and I managed to get a slide in about International Talk Like a Pirate day (below if you care...).

Also in Oxford, at Chez Kirky, I'm part way through watching Hawk the Slayer. A classic - truly!

And now - onto next week...
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