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Currently watching the end of Hawk the Slayer on the laptop - Jack Palance is threatening to hang some nuns. Having reached the end it wasn't quite as I expected - I seem to recall the Elf surviving and the others biting the bullet - then riding off with his arm in a sling. Any ideas on where I might have picked that up from?

Went to see Underwired this evening with uberredfraggle - I was supposed to go into the office but didn't get further than one of our other offices in the centre of town thus saving £3.00 in bus fare.

Understated was an OK film - far too many goths with machine-guns really to let me concentrate on the finest features of the movie, but I chuckled enough. Silliness and sequel potential.

All in all I think the Oscar potential of Underwhelmed is in "Best Buttocks" or "Best Supporting Rubberwear" rather than "Best Actress" or any of those other mainstream awards.

Next up on the DVD, though probably tomorrow, will be "The One Game" which I discovered on Ian's shelf.

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