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On being a W.

Most of you will know that at heart, I'm a W. Though I am considering changing my name to something like Aardvark or Aai, or maybe in a belated Pirates theme Aar!.

Why has this come to mind, well let me explain.

As those of you who follow my life and loves will know, last week I wrote a very wonky application form, finishing at 3am, very badly scribbled and the handwriting was not at all straight. (http://www.livejournal.com/users/kneeshooter/83030.html). I tried to get an electronic version of the form, but they never replied...

So, today, returning from London I find my worst fear has come true - they want to offer me an interview. Just like the current job I have, I'm not actually hugely bothered about getting it, which is lucky as I don't think I'm going for the interview.

The first of the two pages in the letter are the usual stuff - two panels, ask questions, Death by Powerpoint invitation and so on. Then there is the second page which sets out the day. It starts at 9am, there are some group activities (usual in teaching related jobs) then it's to the interviews. The two panels run in parallel, and interviewees get their two goes - but over the course of the day. This means that Mr Usher and I have 4.5 hours to kill between the end of the first session and the start of our interviews.

Frankly I think this is f-ing ridiculous.

The last time a similar thing happened to me I watied 3.5 hours, aced the interview, and then with great pleasure told them where to stick it. That was when I didn't get warning in advance, I wasn't working at the time - but now? When it's a day out of my life? I'm less inclined.

So great unwashed LJ masses - what should I do...
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