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Boudicca - ITV1 Last Night

Well, it seems Ancient Britons had little to do except sex and violence - but wow - they did it for free rather than watch it on TV - at least if Andrew Davies is correct.

I came across a quote this morning from Davies - "It'll be a mixture of Braveheart, I Claudius and Carry on Camping - only joking about the last bit. But there's not a tremendous lot of sex in it, which is unusual for me, though there'll be lots of violence - murders, rapes, slayings, beheadings". "Scenes of sexual content" went the warning before it started - and good old Andrew (who clearly has a reputation to live up to after such classics as "Tipping the Velvet", though I don't recall much sex and violence in "A Very Peculiar Practice" (though I will check the DVD when it's out later this year) - wasn't shy with Nero's incest, the rape of Boudicca's daughters and lots of other casual violence.

The script itself wasn't sublte - we had Upper-Class Toff Romans, and down to earth West Country, no Welsh, no Scottish ... Britons - though the latter did look good with limed hair and eyeliner Capn Jack Sparrow would be proud of. Saying all that, it passed the time, and wasn't too challenging. CGI was ok, no flashabcks of Toyah - but nothing especially memorable and no I Claudius.
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