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Still pissed off.

I've had a reply about the interview next week, which lets face it I'm probably going to - but this is a vent splein moment.

For those who have managed to forget - the order for the day is:

09:15-09:30 - Get briefed
10:45-10:55 - Do a presentation
15:35-16:55 - Interviews

I sent them a nice little note, asking if there was any possibility of rearranging things in order to reduce the last gap to something other than 4.5 hours...

The comments back were not very helpful:

The format for interview is one consistently used and it is unfortunate that in your case, and that of two other candidates, because of the lunch break there is a substantial amount of time from your presentation to the formal interview.

We've always done it this way - and aren't going to think of changing it - perhaps by ditching the briefing session and putting the presentation with the Interviews. Oh no - that would be too easy.

We have arranged accommodation for the period of waiting on the 4th floor where our Research & Development advisers are located. There are invariably several advisers present and, should you wish to discuss aspects of our approach to School Improvement, I am sure we could arrange for somebody to speak with you about this.

We're going to give you a desk. There might be other people around who you can talk to - but frankly they won't want to babysit you.

The staff restaurant is located on the ground floor and provides a selection of hot meals and sandwiches.

Feed you? Why would we want to feed you? Sort it out yourself!

There is a busy and active town centre which you are free to explore during the day should you wish to familiarise yourself with possible new surroundings.

Go for your life! Shop or do something else to keep out of our way. Just don't get lost. Look? What do you expect? You want me to care?

Rant over. I feel slightly happier.

If I do go - I must put a slide in my presentation about delivering services in a timely manner and not keeping people waiting around for hours; and additionally about challenging the status-quo.

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