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The week that was

Well, I've decided I'm going to the interview on Monday - at least I've not cancelled it yet which is basically the same thing.

In addition to the mundane aspects of my life (pretend to work/run/eat choccy) I went to an awayday for work on Thursday. I was my own worst enemy in asking loaded questions to "the boss" but I think I got away with it. He talked to me about grasping opportunities and so the next day I told my immediate line manager "give me this project (the one I was hired to do) or I'm leaving" - in that blunt terms.

I neglected to tell him about Monday...

So we'll see what happens next week.

I've downloaded a bit more music for Intrusion, but I'll leave it as a suprise. Needless to say I'll be reinforcing the booth door to prevent deeteeuk bursting in and eviscerating me on the spot.

I think that's about it - got some LRP stuff to write today, and some maps to start off - then I have to unpack. The worst thing about my job is the lack of work. The second worst thing is living out of a suitcase.

Anyone else play EVE btw?

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