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Job Interview was so-so. They clearly didn't know what they wanted as my fellow candidates were all totally different in background, and has as little clue as I...

I'm sure I did myself no favours - I was up at 5:15 this morning, on the train at 6:18, so by the time my 2nd interview started at 4:15 I was nodding off. I don't think I did as well as I could have.

Update: Didn't get the job - but the person who did seemed like a lovely chap and is bound to be cheaper than me :-) Still, will contact them for some feedback later in the week when I get a chance. Will be seeing the chap on Wednesday in fact for another reason so must be sporting.

Interestingly I think I'm offended for not being offered the job, not winning as it were, rather than thinking I'd actually want it or not. But to have the choice. Indeed, quondam said to me last night "You don't want the job do you?" and I think I mumbled "No, not really". I'm pretty sure all of the above isn't just about salvaging pride - but it's been a while since last rejection.

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