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Today I shall mostly be saying "Eh? Speak up!". At least I would if I was talking to anyone rather than shirking from home and communicating only via the keyboard.

I've been to London a number of times for gigs on a Sunday before - but I'd forgotten how damn upleasant it is to be stuck on a very slow moving train with my fellow man as we crawl down, then to sit around at Euston at the end of the night waiting for the privilidge of being stuck on a very slow moving train back again complete with pissed tw*ts and loud Americans. Pah!

Up until Friday I was convinced I'd be doing a "billy-no-mates" at the gig, but fortunately androktone stepped into the breach and provided excellent company and conversation for most of the night (until she went home anyway!), I visited the Dev for the first time and went "Ooh, nice toons!" (very quietly) and read some Stephen King (not so bothered about the story, but the way he builds the characters and story is techincally excellent - even though it seems a bit mechanical at times).

Laibach weren't quite as odd as I expected them to be - but the set was pretty damn good - however any gig needs to go a long way to be as good as EN at the Astoria a couple of years ago. The Scala was an ok venue, though it didn't strike me as huge, and the bouncer was very friendly when he confiscated my bottle of water.

No support, gig kicked out at 10:30, then a quick jog back to Euston (much faster than this underground thingumy), snuck into the First Class lounge, stole some biscuits and saved paying 20p to use the loo; gave the biscuits to a tramp when he asked me for money for a coffee and dozed as much as possible on the way back.

Finally I was home about 2:15, and slept until 10:15. I did dream that naughtywhitecat had gone missing, but unfortunately he was still there when I checked.

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