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In a quest to see some daylight today I jumped up with a spring in my step to see the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. (Before 12pm it's cheap you see...).

It wasn't as bad as I was expecting given the appalling press it's been getting (mainly, admittedly from pax_draconis. Ok, it lacked the subtlety and the deviance of the graphic novel (in fact it lacked any kind of subtlety) but was an enjoyable romp. Again, I'd been primed that the SFX were a bit poor - but I didn't notice that. The token american was a bit of an annoyance, but they did at least try and put him into some kind of character development (hastily abandoned) for Sir Sean.

A fair few odd comments "Automatic Rifles - where did he get those then?" - well, Captain Nemo seemed to have a stack of them and no-one accused him of being an evil genius; and Ms Harker clearly really wanted to be in Underworld - but who could blame her...

Right - must dash - HALO calls...
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