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Things are looking up...

Firstly I've just watched most of Dead Ringers on BBC2 which was superb. If you didn't - watch it next week, and when it's on the radio - listen to it...

Next, Job stuff is progressing - today...

- The "New Place" sent a reminder to "The Boss" asking for a reference again. He's clearly sitting on it In fact - he told me as much.

- I had an inspiration. One of the things I'm attached to in my current job is working at a national level. I've tried to get a secondment to our Department in the past and been told "The only way you get out of here is not to come back"...

So, what I did this morning was email "Potential New Boss" and ask him if I could have a secondment a day a week. Within 10 minutes he'd said yes. Then I email my main contact within the Department and ask him. By the end of the day I've got an indicative positive from him too.

It would mean a day a week most likely in London. but it works to give me the kind of work I like in current job after moving to new one - best of both worlds!

- Boss' PA tells me that he's been in touch with HR and with Finance/Payroll people for secret meetings - maybe he'll give me a counter-offer after all.

I just need to get it sorted out by the weeked - cos then I'm out of the country (ok - only Wales!) for a relaxing holiday...

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