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Fishy Fishy

Torpedoed my vegetarianism yesterday by, faced with indecision about where to eat with the visiting dreamfire, booking a table at a Japanese restaurant and there eating fish and drinking too much sake.

I like sake. Very drinkable.

I blame the Grauniad - I'd not be thinking about things Japanese if it wasn't for the Kodo ad, and probably Kill Bill too.

The food itself was really good (as usual) and the bill really large (as usual) - but still - what's money for except shovelling down your throat? (Except for buying expensive tech toys of course!)

Yesterday was actually the best day I've had at work for a long time. I visited a couple of schools and got to talk to them about their problems, fix some of them and discsuss the others. Plus I had my first school dinner for a long time with was really good (it was an INSET day - so no kids and the dinner staff clearly took a bit more time over the meal!).

Most motivate myself for a run later, and of course scan the TV for more "beat up on the Catholic Church" programming - last nights Channel 4 documentary on sainthood was the latest.

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