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Yikes! Christmas Party

As heralded in an email last week the details have just been sent out for that most trying of events - the "Work Christmas Party". I was determined when I started this job to be quite positive about spending time with my colleagues, but my enthusisasm has been well drummed out of me.

So what should I do?

I could just ignore it - it's a Friday evening, in Oxford when I'd rather be on a train, in Birmingham or London, or infact doing anything fun, and it costs £12.

I could go - it'll look like I'm making an effort. I can talk to my colleagues about their wives and kids, we could bitch about our bosses and I could get drunk on expensive cocktails. In other words I could send myself to hell.

So, in the spirit of "ticky box" - a poll!!!
Poll #196961 Christmas Party Hell

Should I go to the ball?


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