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Planning Social Diary

Its that time of year again - "I've got to use up how much leave? By when?"

I know there are a couple of New Model Army dates coming up though one of them clashes with the opening of Two Towers, but am I missing anything else interesting? If there's crash space I might even risk travel...

Almost time to write excutiatingly polite email to current boss asking him to get on with writing my reference and telling him how I'm assuming that as he's not got back to me after my email that he has nothing to say...

Also have splitting headache as a result of going to accomplice's Studio Cycling class last night. Mind you that's better than immediately after when I couldn't focus properly. I put it down to dehydration and the fact I'd not exercised for ages and had only eaten junk over the weekend.

Tim helpfully told me this morning that one of my headlight bulbs has gone. This is scary, not because of the £10 for the replacement, but for the idea that I'll have to work out how to fit it myself - aaargh!

So, suggestions to alleviate boredom on a postcard, though after jimfer's experience I won't be working on my tan...

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