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In Hiding

For the last hour and a half I've been officially in hiding. When I arrived in London this morning I was told there was "something a bit odd" I had to do about this time.

What could it be I thought... do something important? Have an opinion? Visit Tony in Downing Street to talk about schools ICT?


I've got to hide because my previous boss (well, boss of boss) is down for a meeting with my current (one day a week) boss. The people here don't want to offend him and start things off badly so I'm hiding in a corner office with half-done work on my PC about 20m away (but it might as well be 20 km). I'm pretty sure it's all a waste of time as the "boss of boss" knows I work here, and the other guy in the meeting is actually going to speak to me when he's done there. Still - best laid plans...

I've had a nice long lunch, I've re-read some more of the superb "Smoke and Mirrors" by Neil Gaiman, and I've mused on some more writing myself. I've planned for Whitby - at least in the sense of working out who I want to meet up with - or at least play "I know YOU!" fuzzygoth style.

Now I'm a bit bored.

However my spirits are still pretty high after hearing yesterday from two people (both of whom clearly wanted to be the one to tell me) that my old boss has left/been kicked from his job. Good. He was a prize fool and I think the organisation will be a much better place without him. He certainly encouraged me to look elsewhere after spending 18 months sitting on my work.

Maybe if I hide under my coat I can get across, save the doc I need to work on to the network then get back into this darkened room without anyone noticing.

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