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I still have a cold.

This morning I got up, failed to find my keys, left the house anyway and eventually got to Oxford.

This evening I went to see Phillip ("I am for the death of god") Pullman, which was entertaining. He chatted a bit about his life as a literary magpie, and how he develops his writing ("3 sides, 1000 words a day - no more"). The Q&A was largely predictable with questions on his style, technique, his own daemon and armoured bears.

There was however the question of religion, from an obviously precocious (or primed) 11 year old, which caused a rant (restrained, but still ranty) about organised religion which seemed to be well supported in the crowd.

One more book to come at least apparently, "about 400 pages".

Then chips, and "Watchmen" which I have finally purchased.

The next couple of weeks might be expensive as I decide to get some more clothes to bolster my (generally crap) wardrobe.

Still smiling about Whitby - was still fun, even if it was where I got this cold.

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