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Matrix Revisited

Really, is there anything more to say that has not been said before? Probably not but it was really quite dull.

The Wachowski brothers seem to have fallen into the trap of making the film they thought their audience wanted "Oooh, it's that scene from the frist film; Oooh it's that kick from the first film..." rather than retain any kind of credibility. Couple that with pretentious bullshit dialouge and you have a horrid, pointless mess.

I've been reminded of this a couple of times recently, and I think there is a real danger for many "creators" that they try and make/write/draw what they think their audience wants, rather than hold on to consistency and be true to their own creativity.

I'm glad I went to the cheap showing...

In other news, I still have a cold - and discovered I have an allergy to bad dialgoue. During a particularly moving (in the sense that I think we were supposed to care as an audience) when Jesus (oops, sorry Neo) was spouting pretentious bollocks I couldn't stop sneezing.

In other other news, I still rock at SSX.


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