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If you want a LJ updated - ask a busy person

Unlike me.

I'm not sure what's happened since the last time I updated - at least with more than a link ot two - but rather than wallow too much in missed opportunities I'll mention the interesting things which have happened.


Well, now that's over and done with, had a nice little trip away at the weekend, the excitement of which was marginally dulled by the joy of being at closest-thing-to-home for only a couple of hours before back to New Street. Had my first run for a fortnight (well appreciated), my first night out in Leeds (The Wendy House) which was ok/good - though far from exceptional - and had the great pleasure of getting a train back to which had to change at Derby.

This is change in the sense of the Train Manager saying "Right you horrible lot - at the next station all of you get off, walk along the platform and get on the train waiting a little further down. Please sit in the same seat you left." I managed to find the same seat - I don't think the majority of my fellow man didn't even seem to try.

So, in an effort to stay focussed, happy and grounded I filled in most of an application for a job in Glasgow today...

Beh. This isn't making me happier. I'll think I'll stop now and thank most people for forgetting my birthday ;-p * Still, party next year to celebrate in style I think.

Plus I wrote a cracking Terms of Reference today...

[*] Not entirely true, but I do feel a bit down at the moment and the anticlimax probably didn't help.
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