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Aruspex mate? Not me!

I'm not going to cut open my stomach, then examine my own entrails to tell the future as I did the other night, and indeed I'm pretty perky.

As a result I've decided to be even perkier and line up a most excellent weekend.

So, all are welcome to pop along to Eddies on Friday where, depending on whether the promise of pax_draconis stretches as far as their house wine, I shall get drunk and provide super amusement.

Erm, I think that's about it - and I shall endeavour not to be distracted by the two DVD-parcels I collected today from the office - Two Towers Special Super Very Long Title Extended Gollum Statue Even With Christopher Lee Edition and Babylon 5 - Series 3. The latter reminded me that I've not opened Series 1 or Series 2 yet, but on the way back home on Friday I shall not fear delays of less than about 24 hours...

Might eat food first on Friday - so if you're interested let me know.

Then on Saturday boglin and I are going shopping for "Pretty Things". If those responsilble for the Whitby miracle can help me construct a shopping list that would be great - and I shall attempt not to murder too many Christmas Shoppers in town.
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