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Edwards House White...

... is bloody awful.

Apart fromt that I don't remember a fat lot - though I think I mostly avoided being rude to people, but would like to apologise for not being quite so entertaining as I might as every time I was ready to produce a rant I was distracted.

The only other thing I remember is having the sense not to drink the last Aftershock that nPhil offered me - that just would have been stupid.

Now - something to eat, something other than ibuprofen to eat and then escape into the real world.

Oh - and

You are Eeyore
As one of life's pessemists you always see the
gloomy side of situations. But, your enduring
and patient nature does mean your decisions are
always thoroughly considered before they are
made, but once they are, you still lack
confidence in them.
Life is tough, luckily, so are you.

Which Pooh character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

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