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So this is Christmas...

... if so - can I have a refund.

Central Birmingham, like I suspect many cities and towns the world over has been possessed by the spirit of commercialism Christmas. What should have been a nice pleasant lunch, followed by a wander around and purchase of Mr First Make-up Kit turned into an epic quest which probably would make a great David Lean film.

Our band of mismatched heroes set out amongst the mindless drones, they fought through the concrete jungle, they stared down charging buses and then ran screaming away from the cost of the car-park - into the clutches of the fog. What a motley crowd we were too. Our hero - looking mildly confused; the guide - mumbling about recent close encounters with trifle and Lego horses; the giant - mumbling about hills; and the martial artist - confused by seeing daylight the day after the night before.

Needless to say I've spent money on things I don't know how to use, I felt only mildly embrassed and at the Omega do last night I got an ace pressie which I cuddled for ages before worrying about how this might look to Jamie and agentinfinity who I've not spoken to a great deal before.

Word for the night was schadenfreude. I refused to join in the psychic battle to free Matt from his oppressing tormentors, and indeed laughed to myself at the snippets of fanboyism I overheard. God bless you Mr P!

Tonight I shall mainly be washing and preparing my disguise for tomorrow night - Mission: Linkin Park - where our brave hero adopts smart-casual clothes, pretends he drives a people mover and stands at the back with the Dads bemoaning how music is much more tuneful when it's in German and played out on plastic pipes with drills - Doh!
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