Quidnunc (kneeshooter) wrote,

Pay attention at the back

Well, my ears have basically stopped ringing, but I feel all ranted out about Linkin Park. Still, they were fun. I am clearly a nu-metal kid at heart.

Quick update on other stuff.

The amusing Wife Swap on E4 this evening lasted only 3 days - but what struck me, even over the fact that some dumb woman and her husband have had 8 kids (oops - here's another one) was the amount of money they apparently get from the state. The couple they swap with, with 2 kids I think, who both work have an annual income of 27.5k. The couple with 8 kids get 37.5k per year in benefit.

I was gobsmacked.

Secondly we have a contender for "most amusing support request" at work today. One of the principal advisors (=really quite important) put through a request for "Age of Empires" on her corporate laptop. Apparently this is "so when her son comes with her to meetings he can play on the pc and be quiet". Best suggestion so far is to forward it to the Social Workers so they can talk to her about childcare options.

Bed soon.

I did the Scottish job application in the end. Hopelessly underqualified but good form practice.
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