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esrunkatsu From: esrunkatsu Date: November 27th, 2003 07:39 am (UTC) (Link)


why should *mothers* have to stay home as opposed to fathers or other relatives?

I have no intention of staying home when i have kids, but i see no problem with a stay home dad.

Most families need more than one income these days - their only other option is state benefits, and I'd rather one parent worked f/t and one p/t.
From: ikkleblacktruck Date: November 27th, 2003 08:48 am (UTC) (Link)

Re: mothers

Mothers have a better bond and more instinctive knowledge. It has the added benefit of freeing up more jobs for men, who seem to have more of a deep-seated need to be able to provide, as well.

I'm not sure that most families need more than one income, unless they are living above their means anyway.
10 lies or Lie to me