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Corrosive Shame
Therapy for Life
Still alive. Enjoying Switzerland. Home in a couple of weeks. Too busy even to read LJ. Hope everyone is well.

Love me x
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See, I'm getting back into the habit...

Friday was good fun but had tiny numbers of people turn up. In the end they closed around 12:30 by which point there were only 5 paying punters in the club.

Saturday had more people but crap music.

Can't win eh!
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However, to celebrate being 'older-than-I-care-to-count' I will be at Cyberpolis on Friday 14th then will probably crash someone else's party on Saturday to end up at 'New-Eddies'.

Be lovely to see many people for some of it.
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Woo! I have quit. No more commuting to Nottingham*

Instead I shall be exploring "How to spend £30k I don't have on my career". Wish me luck.

* After mid-September anyway.
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Another day, another drive up the M42/A42/M1. I sometimes worry I am in a rut.

Panzer AG Deviant UK Uberbyte

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Welle Erdball Hocico
Straftanz Deviant UK

Things happening. Been places. Less busy now. Here are some photos from Leipzig. Not a lot. But you'll like them.

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Apparently it's 9 weeks since I posted. Ooops. If only I was having a real life that was keeping me from lurking...

Anyway, here are some pictures from last August. Shamefully I've not finished the WGT ones from last June - but my plan is to get there before I go there again this year (which might be with, might be without a camera!).

So, enjoy. There are quite a few here but you can all be impressed by the new navigation on my site if you do go through and look at the individual band pages.

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This excites me. Not because I'm on GNER (which I don't do a lot) but because it has Free WiFi. And even better than that, it seems to be working.

To be honest I've had enough of trains already though. The first of the day was the 0610 to London; this is the 1100 from London and I'll get to Hartlepool about 1530 this afternoon after seeing parts of the country I only ever heard about as rumours. Then tomorrow I sped about 4 hours getting back to Nottingham.

This is, I fear, the highlight of my day.

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This time next week it will have begun. All I have is 16 working days between now and the end of January.


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Another entry? I must be home-early-from-work-for-governors-meeting.

After going for a run the other week my knees were giving me trouble so I took a week off from exercise. Last night, after I promised to return berrega's spare key, I went out for a short cycle. A slight wrong turn on the way home turned it from about 10 miles to about 13, but this was good fun - until the point I had a RTA.

It wasn't much of an RTA - but some dumb woman decided to push her bicycle across a pedestrian crossing as I was shooting down it at about 25mph (with lights and paying attention having just successfully overtaken a skip). I screamed, she pulled back, I clipped her bike with my pedals. Much swearing later I have a bruise on my inner thigh from my saddle but am otherwise unharmed; and the other party skulked off after assuring me she was ok.

I'm just glad I managed to escape the pedals rather than fall over in the middle of the street with the bicycle attached.

Bloody cyclists.


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